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Title: My wife wants an iBook; good for taping?
Post by: ducati on April 14, 2003, 09:56:01 AM
And I think I'm going to give in, she deserves it :)

Would a standard iBook G3 with about 512 RAM do well for live taping?  I'd love to get some use out of this impending toy, and I'm having a few issues taping at 24/96 with my winblows laptop (it's super-picky about being defragged; I have to defrag right before the show or I get an occasional pop)..

I use an Edirol UA5 at shows..  Their site says it's cool with iBook/OSX.  Is it stable at 24 bit?  24/96?

Do I need to get an extra battery, or is the standard battery good enough for 2-4 hour shows?

At home, I run an EMI 2|6 via USB into my DAC to listen to 24 bit.  Emagic's website says it's compatible, and that it works at 24/96 for playback.  Any anecdotal evidence?

And a stupid question: I burn my .wav files to CD or DVD on my windows PC.  Can the mac read these?

I have some software questions, but I'll hold off on those :D

My gut feeling is the iBook would be sweet for live recording, I'm just hoping for some success stories :)
Title: Re:My wife wants an iBook; good for taping?
Post by: scb on April 14, 2003, 10:16:42 AM
ibook works great.  i ran an ibook with a 500mhz g3 for over a year and had no issues at all with 24 bit recording (with the emi 2|6)

never tried 24/96 for a show, but 24/48 went great.  short tests at 24/96 seemed ok too

you'll want to rig up an external batery system, at 24 bit that thing will die at 2:45 to 3 hours