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Title: Microtrack charging icon?
Post by: Nick Graham on November 14, 2005, 11:18:08 PM
Let me start out by saying I've thoroughly read pretty much every thread on the Microtrack, and while I realize several others have posted about the same thing, I never saw if this was an across the board glitch, or one that only effects certain units.

Anyway, I plugged in the Microtrack yesterday afternoon, and let it charge for about 4 1/2 hours before I noticed the battery icon was full. I then booted it, updated the firmware, and ran a few tests (DPA 4061s>1/8" in, stereo rca>1/4" in, dvd player>s/pdif in, etc.). All in all it might have been used an hour. So afterwards I plugged it back up, and it charged for another 3 hours before showing fully charged again.

Tonight I get home from work, plug it back in to charge, and it's taken another 5 hours for the battery icon to again show fully charged. Did it really lose that much power just sitting there turned off all night? Why should it take a combined total of 8 hours to re-charge after an hour of use and 19 hours of being turned off.

Any ideas? Is the charging icon correct? Do I have a bunk battery?