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Author Topic: Vegas 8 - how to change rendering rate  (Read 2449 times)

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Re: Vegas 8 - how to change rendering rate
« Reply #15 on: August 01, 2008, 07:51:05 AM »
Nothing wrong with being on a budget.  I only get the splurge once in a while when someone decides my talents are worth paying for.  I use Panasonic GS series cams also filming pageants as such for a couple local schools.  I usually take the money I make and buy more stuff to use for my hobby.

I believe the method I mentioned should give you good reults.  I normally output to DV-AVI to go back to tape and encode with TMPGEnc for MPEG-2.
+T for letting the hobby make money to fund itself. 

so do you think using the other encoder gives you better final product?  isnt what sony encodes with vegas as high quality?   just wondering, something ive been noticing is quality of video is less subjective than audio quality in average joe circles. 

It really worries me what people are accepting as normal these days.  CNN has "ireporters" which are just average people who send in video they shot on their cell phones and it gets aired on a national news station and the people gets praised for sending it in. 

That's because it's unplanned news captured on the spot when it's happening, not a video documentary.  The reason cell phone videos are making it onto news casts has far more to do with the fact that cell phones equippred with video capabilty are proliferating daily life, than lowering video standards for putting video onto TV.  Quite the contrary, most TV shows that are purposefully set up to show off the beauty and pagentry of life are doing so in HD, which is a VAST improvement in video standards of 10 years ago.  So, respectfully, I think you've considered the use of cell phone video a little bit out of context in the global statement. 

I know I'd NEVER accept cell phone quality video on my HD TV, but if someone happens to be rightplacerighttime (such as the moment when the tsumani hit...incredible video...or when the towers fell!) to capture a newsworthy event on their cell phone cam, I usually _DO_ want to see it because it's news!
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