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Naiant IPA

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Jon, could you explain the IPA and how it can power microphone capsules, and which microphone capsules?  Who builds the cables for say the Schoeps caps, or the AKG caps?  I know of the Schoeps KCY and Nbob's, but nothing else.  Maybe other's might be curious as I am.

I haven't seen this thing discussed much other in the retail forum. 

Mmmmm hoppy  :P

Sounds very interesting. Since you say it's basically the PFA circuit, can we expect it to sound the same as the PFAs?

I just ordered some.  Looking forward to trying it out.

Will the polarization option require external power or phantom?

Any idea on normal run times with internal?

I should have waited and tried a set! I just got in my 2nd set of pfa's with polarization.


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