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Author Topic: Need help for Tascam dr-100 mkiii and external mic  (Read 1814 times)

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Need help for Tascam dr-100 mkiii and external mic
« on: October 10, 2016, 06:34:30 AM »
Hello tapers
I am long time reader and first time writer, that's right I am a newbie :)

I am writing this, because for the past 7years, I've struggle to find adequet handheld recorder with my given situation.
I would be really really and really glad if you can give me any kind of help.
(BTW, As you might have noticed, english is not my motherlanguage. So there can be some mistakes in this post,thank you for your patient )
Before I got to the question I would like to tell you about my experience and given situation.

I have been record sound since 2009, as a hobby and my main criteria was small and large concerts and rock concerts.
My first pcm recorder was sony pcm-m10 which was great for newbies like me.
It had great Auto-recording ability with resonably quiet base-noise level.
However, it clipped with very loud source of sound which rock-concerts mostly are
So, I bought my second recorder, Tascam Dr2d, fast battery consumer with loud base-noise(=white noise).
However it worked like magic on front-row of rock concerts. It has great "lively-sound"(well, some can say it is too metaly or light)
with very fool-proof dual-level record function which prevents clipping.
However, as I have mentioned, the white noise was overwhelming for quiet moments.

Again, so, I bought my third recorder, Sony Pcm-d100.
It felt too expensive for 'hobby', however, my lust for "better sound" got over me.
Unlike my expectation, which was d-100 would do great on both quiet and loud environment, it was way too sensitive to handle rock-concert like
environment. I got curious and furious about the situation because, according to manufacturers webpage, SPL number of d-100 is greater than
that of DR2D. But Sony's reply to my question was "the mic is sensitive, so yes it can happen"
And now I would like to get a dr-100 mkiii from Tascam, because from what I've heard, it has very quiet SNR,
with dual level record system.  But I am bit hasitating now because I am worried that  dr-100 mkiii would be a second case of  d-100.
I know that Tascam has great resistance over loud sound environment, however, So did Sony ( Sony pcm m10 and d50)
But when they decided to focuse on small clean sounds, it clipps way too easily, just like egg shell.
So if there is anyone who has experience on dr-100 mkiii can you please give me any hints on dr-100 mkiii with loud sorce of sounds?

I am also considering external mic with high spl, however, with no phantom power(pcm d100) and my recording situation,which is basically a
stand-up or on front-row seat, I was not able to find adequet external microphone, So please fellow tapers if you have any good idea for me
please, throw me anything, Thank you.


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