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Author Topic: Question about 777T operation (input pairs and analog/digital input capacities)  (Read 1465 times)

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Hey now,

I am thinking of picking up a 744T from a buddy of mine, so that I can use both sets of capsules I currently have. My question for experienced 744 users is this:

I want to use my existing VMS 5u -> Mytek 192 analog to digital converter set up for one set of capsules,  and then run that signal digitally into two channels of the 744.

1) Is it possible for me to run my existing rig into the 744 digitally, & also run the other two capsules I have into the analog mic preamps of the 744, tapping into both the 744's internal mic pre's, as well as its digital converters (at some point in the future, the next step will be to add another external preamp of some kind (psp3 anyone ?), but at first I'll be running the capsules either with kc5 -> cmc6 -> 744, or just capsules directly on the mic bodies, then into the 744).


 I wasn't sure if I had to go all mic/line, analog in for all 4 channels, or else go all digital signal feeding the 4 channels, or whether I could mix it up and do a pair of analog and a pair of digital channels at the same time.

2) I really love the sound combo of the Schoeps VMS 5u feeding its signal into the Mytek 192 a->d unit at 96/24.
Once I get to know the a-d sound of the 744T, I may decide I don't need the 192 to get the "smoothness" it adds to the recordings. 

3) Has anyone used both the mytek a to d, and the 744T itself as an a->d? How would you compare the two? I wouldn't say the mytek192 is a completely flat, 100% true sounding a->d converter......I think it tailors the recording in a way that gives it a smoothness, as I was saying above. I'm a perfect world, I would like the 744 to have a smoothness like that combo. It would also be nice to have a set of perfectly flat, 100% true a to d channels, and then 2 designated "shaped" (whether "edgy" or "smooth, etc.) analog to digital converter settings that could be turned on or off.


Can someone let me know about the signal flow capabilities of the 744T; whether it can handle 2 analog inputs and 2 digital inputs at the same time, which is my biggest detertmining factor as to whether I try to buy the 744 or not.  While the tech question is by far my biggest concern, I'd love to hear opinions about the 744's mic pre -> a/d converter combo sound quality. Just for what it's worth, I currently have a pair of matched MK4's, and matched Mk41's. I'd like to be able to record both mid-side (one mk8 needed) or
even blumlein (2 matched mk8's needed), and am curious about those mk22's.  I'd love to hear ideas about the 22's if people have experience they want to share about why they prefer those caps to others, and in what appliction they are trying to use those caps in.

I need to know about the signal flow asap, before I make a decision to really push for the unit, and try to hammer a deal out. I'd really appreciate it if you had the time to email any responses to me directly, as well as any posting done here, because I'll definitely get it faster than having to login here and check every so often to see if someone had an answer for me. My ema address is  I'm hoping to decide and make the down payment on it this weekend, if I can get my buddy to defititively sell it to me, and once I know it will work for me the way I'm looking for it to do.

Thanks in advance for reading this long ass post, & especially if anyone has my answer, or for any informed advice.
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YES, you can do a digital input feed on Channels 3/4 and run mics>Straight into the 744 Preamps for Channels 1/2 :)

And I LOVE the mk22's! Id love to add a pair to my arsenal someday too! And I'm with you on the [2] fig8's in Blumlein. Schoeps Blumlein FOB/DFC would be TITTIES ;D

Best of luck with whatever you end up getting!
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