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Mytek Brooklyn ADC

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is available With MQA Encoder...


yes you can now stream in high bit sample rates...

12V DC input as well..

a winner.


Looks nice.

Craig T:
I believe this is a DAC not an ADC.


--- Quote from: Craig T on January 19, 2017, 09:46:21 AM ---I believe this is a DAC not an ADC.

--- End quote ---

The one linked is a ADC, but they have the Brooklyn DAC as well. It even includes a phono preamp.

Pretty nice but too bad it's only 2 channel and so expensive - I think I'd grad a SX-AD8+ (only $3500 or so) and get 8 channels with top quality pre-amps

DSD is great in all IMO but DSD256 is overkill (plus you would need a lappy to make this work) - All you need is a Sony PCM-D100 if you want to record DSD IMO


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