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Author Topic: Shockmount options for Shapeways Active DINa and ORTF mounts  (Read 3165 times)

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Re: Shockmount options for Shapeways Active DINa and ORTF mounts
« Reply #15 on: May 02, 2019, 06:49:55 PM »
I ordered some Rycote lyres from on Sunday and received them yesterday (Wednesday). I didn't ask for special rush service, either.

(I prefer to buy pro audio equipment from local, independent pro audio dealers because if people don't do that, there soon won't be any local, independent pro audio dealers--and I want them to exist.)

By the way, voltronic, I've been helped quite a lot by your posts on this topic.

Dale was not on my radar as a good source of Rycote lyres, but they are now, thanks to you.

Also, I'm glad my incessant Rycote posts have been helpful.  If I can help you with something in this realm, that's saying quite a bit.  My experience using the very lightweight and vibration-sensitive Line Audio mics is what initially led me to dig below the surface of shock mounting.

As I said in another one of these threads, I have to give credit to John Willett who pointed me in the right direction, and then especially to Simon Davies at Rycote who finally de-mystified the single lyre / duo-lyre situation I was struggling with.

I get the strong impression that Rycote is similar to Schoeps, in the sense that both are highly respected companies with a large international customer base, but neither has compromised their customer relations or service as they have grown to what they are today.
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Re: Shockmount options for Shapeways Active DINa and ORTF mounts
« Reply #16 on: May 05, 2019, 06:39:50 AM »
Another thing to consider with shock mounting mics is the effect the cables have on transmitting mechanical noise. The cable should be looped and secured in a way that it does not add significantly to the weight borne by the suspension and offers as little as possible impedance to the movement of the lyres. An improperly secured cable will render any shock mount system useless.
Yes, this is critical.

I have a bundle of the Rycote thin and flexible XLR tails which are connected from the microphone, looped and go through the cable clamp - the main cable is connected after the cable clamp.

I have talked a lot to the person who did all the acoustic research and designed the Rycote mounts and he went into detail with me how important this is - in fact, the cable is xmore important than the shockmount itself in minimising "handling" noise.


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