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Author Topic: Comp: DPA 4018V vs 4099 - Afrolicious  (Read 1236 times)

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Comp: DPA 4018V vs 4099 - Afrolicious
« on: June 02, 2019, 10:02:45 PM »
both run into d:vice>iphone (4018Vs used MMP-G actives). 4018V are the full-sized modular caps which gets its pattern from pressure-gradient design and vented housing. and the 4099 is based on the smaller ~1/4" caps, is also a pressure-gradient design, but uses an interference tube as well to control pattern

this was a free small outdoor show in a park, i decided it would be a good chance to try out the supercards which i dont use too often (as i should, from a distance. ive run the 4099s up on a stack in  >:D but thats it). It was a small stage/PA setup, id say i was approximately twice as far from the stage as the PA was wide, and ran both rigs at about 70 degrees pointed just wide of stacks. Did nothing in post but normalize each channel individually to -21.00 RMS to make the comp easier.

both these mics have an HF boost, but they are slightly different in the curve
5K +0dB
7K +1dB
10K +3dB
15K +3dB
20K +0dB

5K +1dB
7K +2dB
10K +3dB
15K +2dB
20K -1dB

was on a small bogen at only 7 feet, so it is a bit chatty with park goers. FOH engineering was spotty, you can hear the horns and vocals being run into clipping on both recordings, so not the best recording in the world. but i figured id share anyway, as both rigs imo are acceptable, as well as relatively affordable and impossibly small for what they do.
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