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Author Topic: How much advice do you give?  (Read 3330 times)

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Re: How much advice do you give?
« Reply #15 on: August 19, 2019, 07:37:28 PM »
I hope somebody lets me in on the big stealth secret one day - having relied on common sense and the absolutely bloody obvious for nearly 20 years I fear my luck may soon run out...

Every once in a while I wonder when I'll get caught for the first time and how it'll happen. My guess would be nosy neighbor
Yep, nosy neighbor is always the problem.Whether stealth or semi open or fully open, expect someone to start asking questions, often with an angry tone.Simpler to just hide the mics.Alternately, put the mics right at the soundboard, or on the stage (if artists allow).

Funny noone wants to pay for music, but then they freak out when they think you are "stealing" it.

I think this happened the only time I got popped, at Ryan Adams. I know I wasn't seen from stage I was 40' away in the front row of the balcony. I can totally see an Adams fan get their panties in a bunch for stealing his music.🙄

curious. has folks "stealing" with their phones made that less likely or more do you think ?

like people are blatantly recording with their phones, is it shaping attitudes ?
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