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New to laptop recording questions???

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1.  what requirements do you look for in a laptop, harddrive, speed, etc.  why is viao better than picturebook

2.  Can you run the mics directly into the laptop or do you need the equivalent of the V3 or mini me in front of it

thanx ;D

1.  Any current laptop will be good for recording by today's standard.  P3 or above 20 gigs or above 256 mb Ram or above and you should be golden.

2. Picturebook is just another model of the sony vaio's.  I like mine because its small.

3. You need to put something in front of your laptop, regardless of what you use.  I run a nuendo multiset and originally I was going to have a minime out in front, but Ive since decided to just put a Sonosax out in front as the multiset can do the a/d conversion.

Any more q's feel free to drop me a line.


Also, another laptop that is on sale(that I use) is the VAIO  PCG-SRX87. Much like the picturebook, on sligthly larger. Comp USA has them on sale for a very nice price. 20 gig HD, 256MB Ram(expandable to 384) Also comes with Sound Forge loaded on the comp.

If you are into Macs, iBook G3/700 MHz is a nice product

I'm using the USB pre infront of mine, nice sounds so far. Now I'm just saving for 480's

Battery life can be a problem. So, always keep that in mind !

d swing:
Another reason I like my pixbook is for battery life; nearly 8 hours recording time with a fully charged quad battery :).


is the quad the battery that came with it ?

I'm trying to save up for the Electro Fuel Powerpad 160, but damn, 400+ $'s is ALOT to spend


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