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Battery Chargers. What should I get?

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I’m looking for something that can show you how much power is left in a battery and maybe recondition it.

What’s everyone using? 


we talkin AA/AAA NiMH, or Lithium Ion?


--- Quote from: jerryfreak on July 02, 2020, 04:53:09 AM ---we talkin AA/AAA NiMH, or Lithium Ion?

--- End quote ---

AA Eneloop Ni-MH

I was looking at this (but not sure if there's something better?)

or this?

i thought i saw a thread on here talking about this sort of thing before but i can't find it.

the one you list is the best 8-cell charger

this was the mack daddy though it only does 4

looks like a new one coming out, though i cant discern a single difference

I know this isn't what the OP really was asking about, but no one really needs to be buying Eneloops.  Buy these 2450 mAh batteries from IKEA, which have been proven to be the same thing as Eneloop Pro for a fraction of the price.  I own about 20 or so of them, and they are outstanding.

I use this cheap charger with them, which does a fine job for my purposes:


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