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Author Topic: Network audio players  (Read 683 times)

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Re: Network audio players
« Reply #15 on: August 29, 2020, 03:07:23 PM »
Sort Plex libraries by folder, problem fixed.

I use a tagging program to at least get an artist name on a directory so I can shuffle stuff at a minimum.

I have individual folders for every recoding with at least etree standard naming. Better than nothing, I guess. Is this what you’re referring to? No track names and no artwork for any boots, so no matter what platform I use for playback, the files look like crap! Dl’ed live recordings from nugs or whatever and commercial stuff looks great of course.
There is a difference between etree standard naming and meta tags.

Plex has a huge database so if you have something named and they see similarities like file size or hash they'll tag it in Plex but not the physical file.  If you tag the physical file you can set that to defeat anything from their system.

I have 100's of 1000's of files.  My most untagged collection is live concerts but I occasionally use metax to tag those.

For audio I use mp3tag and a script to tag albums by venue and date.  I can sort through 30 years of GD by folder without a problem just based on etree names. I either have venue added by tagging using live show tagger in foobar or forcing it manually.  It's a labor of love but for the most part I point Plex at an artist and let it shuffle anyway

My music is so unorganized that Plex can’t even find it. I pointed it to 8 drives and all it found was my commercial Beatles collection and some Phish, nothing else. Something to do this winter since there most likely won’t be anything else to do. I really need to go thru show folders and strip the flacs out. 16 and 24 bit and move those only to SSD’s and then point Plex or whatever to the SSD’s. It’s a daunting task. Thanks for the tips!
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