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How to connect SP-CMC-4U mics to Behringer Mixer?


Hey folks

I have SP-CMC-4U mics and I try to connect it through my Behringer mixer Xenyx 802. There is a lot of hiss sound when I plugin through the XLR connections (with Y adapter).
When I connect it through my Sony PCM-M10 - it sounds great and clean (via line-in and plug-in power on).

What connector do I need to connect my mics to the mixer?


If your microphones need plug-in power, they won't work when plugged directly into a mixer's XLR microphone inputs. Plug-in powering is a consumer method for unbalanced, consumer microphones, whereas XLR microphone inputs are designed for balanced, professional microphones, and the powering that they generally offer is "phantom" powering at a considerably higher voltage than your microphones were designed for.

I suggest that you contact the seller of the microphones for advice. There are such things as "phantom power adapters" for some consumer microphones.

--best regards

old and in the way:
You may even fry them if you feed 48 phantom to them . Sound Professionals can mod the with a xlr that you can feed a 48 phantom .


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