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Tascam DA78

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Anyone here have a Tascam DA78hr?  This is an 24 bit eight channel digital recorder that used VHS tapes as a tape medium.  I have a bunch of these 24 bit eight channel  DTSR  tapes that need to be converted to a digital  format on a hard drive.  The tapes have some historical significance.  I would like to borrow or rent this machine or you could transcribe them for free or for payment. 

I have a DA88 and it needs servicing and question whether my 16 bit DA88 would even play the 24 bit tapes.  Servicing is fairly expensive, about $4-500 I am told.  My DA88 is quite finicky. 


--- Quote from: Scooter123 on September 09, 2020, 03:50:50 PM ---My DA88 is quite finicky.

--- End quote ---

Try Mr. Smalls studios here in Pgh. They took over a room that I worked at with a couple of 88s and 38s. I don't have any guess on the bit depth issue.

There is a 78 on eBay for under $200, it says it has errors when playing but it does in fact play.  I may take a flyer on that. 

There's also the DA-98HR - which may work as well

98hr's seem to sell for around $100-400 in working condition

Here's a new 78HR that sold for $235


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