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Rig on a budget

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I was always the kid asking to be patched in with my Sony-D8 DAT

I know have a Zoom Hn4 Pro
I have a few questions

1. quality mics for a budget price?
2. do i need a preamp? zoom has a built it preamp is it enough?

any other recommendations?

please and thank you!

How much is your budget?  Also will all the accessories (mic stand, cables, windscreens) need to fit within that budget?

1000 usd

Go on Live Music Archive and listen to as many recordings as you can, preferably of the types of bands you plan to record.  Take note of the gear used in the recordings that sound best to you.  If you notice a trend of specific mics sounding the best, shoot for those.  Let your ears decide, not what other people think.  And if they're above your budget now just keep's not like there are a lot of shows to record now anyway.

Another question: What kinds of music are you recording, and in what types of locations?


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