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Battery box for 3-wire electrets?

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I've salvaged a pair of Primo EM182 from an old Tascam IM2X and put them into Micbooster's Clippy enclosures. The trouble with the EM182 is that they need 3 wires: ground, AF and power. Are there any ready-made battery boxes on the market for this kind of capsule?


i beleive sound professionals makes a 3-wire batt box for AT853, etc

looks like these need 3-10v so make sure to get a 9v power supply. I think SP only sells a 12v now.

Church Audio sells a 9v but it will likely take a while to get.

kuba e:
You can also try to run EM182  in a two wire configuration - power and ground. I'm not an electrician. I used to read about the benefits of different connections, but I don't remember it. Maybe 2 wire connection will have a very slightly worse SN ratio. I think 2 wires should be ok.

Edit: You should also add a resistor between source and ground in both cases 3 wires or 2 wires. The size of the resistor is calculated in some way. In a data sheet, they have 5.6 kOhm as an example. I think a resistor value affects a sensitivity of the microphone and also max. SPL.

--- Quote from: kuba e on September 27, 2020, 03:07:13 PM ---You can also try to run EM182  in a two wire configuration - power and ground.
--- End quote ---

Has anyone of the good people on here ever tried this and is there a price for this kind of trickery?



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