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Author Topic: Home Stereo Amplifier  (Read 3239 times)

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Re: Home Stereo Amplifier
« Reply #15 on: October 14, 2020, 02:56:48 PM »
I'll dig into the manual and play with the loudness tonight.

I do love the simplicity of this setup. This drives sound in the family room (where the hardware is) with a stero pair of speakers as well as another pair just outside on blacony. The tiny box on top of tuner is a Sonos Port that enables the amp the drive the same source to wired speakers and wireless Sonos speakers in other rooms on different floors. As mentioned, I'd been using a Pioneer home theater recevier since I bought it in 1999. It had a lot of buttons on the panel and when switching between CD, radio, turntable, and aux in (iPod), it was always a challenge to make it work or dial it in. And after every time struggling to switch the input, never fully understanding which/what buttons I engaged to get the signal! I should've done this a looooong time ago  :facepalm:
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