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i use to burn etree shows that I downloaded to cd and delete the files after.  so now i want to put the cds back on computer but my ASUS Windows 10 doesn't recognize the cd.  Any recommendations for shareware to use?  Mac itunes took a bunch then stopped adding them to itunes for some reason.   :facepalm: thanks

Fatah Ruark (aka MIKE B):
Exact Audio Copy will convert CD's to FLAC.

Ideally you set it up via a tutorial like this one:

...if EAC doesn't recognize the CD-R then you're CD-R might just be unreadable. I had a bunch of CD-R's that were no longer readable.

Are you talking about backups of the flac/shn files that have been burned to CD, or music CDs?  I assume the latter, but the part about one computer reading the disc while another computer didn't makes me wonder.

xACT has a good CD-ripping feature, as does XLD. Both are freeware.
Note that XLD will try to rip multiple tracks at once unless you restrict the number of threads to 1.

thx for all the replies, now i'm just stuck that my Windows won't recognize any cd.  I have an external ASUS cd rom drive.  Should I get a different drive that Windows will recognize a cd inserted?  Winamp will recognize a store bought CD but calls a CD-R blank  What CD-Rom drive would you recommend?  Thanks again.


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