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Curious if anyone else is working with the Zynaptiq Unfilter Plug In

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It's called Zynaptiq Unfilter Real-time Tonal Linearization Plug-in. The Sweetwater website does a lot better job than I could to explain what it does and how it works.

It was recommended to me by a Grammy-winning mastering engineer who does a lot of restoration work on vintage recordings. When he learned I was working almost exclusively with audience recordings, he strongly suggested I check it out.

I've always been skeptical of black box or one button solutions, but this seems to be another in the emerging line of machine-learning based plug ins that do what we never thought possible.  The first bullet on Sweetwater sort of sums it up:

"A mind-blowing audio restoration plug-in that automatically detects and remove resonances, equalization, roll-offs and the effects of comb filtering"

I have found it incredibly useful on shows recorded with low-end gear, often restoring a musical fidelity of highs and lows that was nothing but a boxy, muddled mess otherwise. Some recordings don't take to it at all. Others it is like magic, shifting a recording from unlistenable to listenable or good to very good.

It seems to compensate for resonances that can mask what's actually on the tape, like moving a pillow that was blocking the speaker.

I don't use it on everything and there are times when it can seem to take away "forwardness," for lack of a better word, in vocals. But it often makes low-end and mid-range tapes sound so much more musical and natural, which says a lot about a processor.

Again, I would only recommend it to those dealing in vintage, mid-grade audience recordings as that's where it will serve you best.

Would love to hear if others have used and what you make of it. I believe there is a free demo. I have nothing whatsoever to do with the company, which I think is based in Germany, but it has become a very powerful restoration tool for me.

This looks very interesting. I just downloaded it and will report back with my thoughts. I'm very curious what others think of it as well.

Got the link up now. +T. Keep up the good (great) work.   :clapping:

Thanks for the heads up, will check this out.

Software audio correction tools are rapidly improving and becoming increasingly sophisticated. 
Interested tapers are wise to keep an eye open for on-going developments in this area.

Have had my eye on some of their products over the last several years, haven't tried anything yet. 


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