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bluetooth connect to audacity

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old and in the way:
So i have a Lepai LP1601s and it works fine except with audacity. I've tried switching the built in output option too the Lepai which  it shows but i get a message that says i should try changing the audio host? the device or the sample rate.Any ideas this is a imac desktop and i can plug in the head phones in the back but the Lepai has a phone jack and it would be nice to use it without the reach around. This is the only problem i've encountered with the Lepai and i really like the small form and bluetooth. Sounds good into a set of Klipsch . Also switched the built in microphone option ( which i don't think would matter) . any help is appreciated .

old and in the way:
Ok i connected a 3.5 out of the imac to the Lepai R&L rca's and i get the thing to work fine . So i do have a work around but not with Bluetooth .

old and in the way:
This kind of defeats the reason i got this . 

What version of MacOS are you using? What version of Audacity?
In Mojave, I use the Audio system preference panel and an application called Audio MIDI Setup which is located in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder to control device selection.

old and in the way:
I'm using ,Big Sur and i went into my applications and went audio midi but still no go unless i did something wrong


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