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bluetooth connect to audacity

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old and in the way:
Kinda gave up and went back to my trusty old Teac AL-301DA  amp . A little bigger but has more options like usb and optical. i may use the Lepai as a playback amp for outside speakers if the bluetooth reaches the deck i can always use the macbook pro for the playback source for the deck. the Lepai just wont work bluetooth and audacity. Everything shows it's there but it just wont go in bluetooth mode in audacity unless i use the rca to 3.5 hard cable .So if i go that route i'll go back to the Teac.

Only other thing I can think is to check bluetooth settings and make sure nothing else is paired, and then dump the troubled one, and try again to pair correctly?
Bluetooth allows different categories of device, and if you pair as the wrong type it could limit functionality.


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