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Author Topic: H120 line in jack problem  (Read 534 times)

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H120 line in jack problem
« on: May 28, 2007, 01:46:02 AM »
I was setting up for a show the other night and noticed that I wasn't getting any levels when I tested the set-up.  I triple checked everything and finally noticed that if I didn't insert the 3.5mm plug all the way in, all seemed to work fine.  So I backed it out about .5mm and proceeded to record with no issues.  I've been testing with other cords thinking that may be the problem but it isn't. I have the same problem no matter what cord I use.  I decided to check my back-up H120 and oddly find the same prblem.  I have never had this problem in the past.  I seems that if the jack had come loose, you wouldn't be able to get the plug in far enough to get a good connection.  However, in this instance it seems the plug is going in too far.  Has anyone experienced this problem? Any ideas as to how to correct this?

Edit: I've played around with this a bit more and things have gotten more interesting.  I tried using the pigtail iRiver provides to facilitate plugging in headphones to the remote.  This works and with both the cords I tried plugging directly in to the H120.  So while the cords seem to be good, the plugs are somehow got getting properly seated in the jack.  I gues I'll head to Radio Shack and test one of their higher quality cords and if it works go that route.  Funny (odd) that the plug on the iRiver provided cord all of a sudden doesn't work. Electronics...go figure.
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