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Author Topic: Question about pre-amp coloration.  (Read 3604 times)

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Re: Question about pre-amp coloration.
« Reply #15 on: November 26, 2007, 09:16:54 PM »

 But low end is not all that warmth is.. There is harmonic distortion going on that adds warmth and there are other factors.

Most people, at a gut level, see warm coloration as increased mid-bass response.
This can occur from uneven frequency response or by low-bass harmonics "thickening" the mid-bass registers, as well as other "distortions".
Harmonics, if they are even-order (2, 4, 6, 8 ) have a pleasing, sympathetic sound, not entirely unlike listening to a chorus.

The acoustic effect of uneven frequency response is very different from that of low-bass harmonics.
The gain level which you adjust to will likely affect how much of each is present.
The design of the amp will determine whether you can hear it, and how it will sound.

Perception and acoustic impact will always be your best guide.
Use your ears, as different mics and recording conditions will impact the way a pre amp reacts.
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