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Author Topic: SD card tests  (Read 4250 times)

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SD card tests
« on: July 24, 2010, 06:05:21 PM »
Would anyone be interested?

I could run 5 R-09 based rigs, and 3 Zoom H2 based rigs simultaniously, daisy chained, from one source until all cards are filled. I could do this a few times in succession as well as any other sort of testing that seems relevent.

Would there be any interest in having me run them all on different brand/speed/size SD cards?

The hitch is, I'm not going to buy a truckload of cards to do this. I'd be happy to pony up a security deposit for a trusted member here to hold if need be, but doing this testing would depend on members here being willing to send me media of different types other than the limited number I have in hand. I'd be interested in testing the micro SDHCs in the R-09s & H2's too. Must have adapters though, as I have none. I'd be buying whatever AC splitting gear (if any) I might need to run all those warts, and a bunch of 3.5RA-3.5RA M-M cables which I need anyway.

I have tested the following in R-09s:

A Kingston 2 GB class 2 that I've run only once. No errors.

Several 4GB Kingston class 4's that I've tested very thorougly and only once did I get a "card too slow," error.
            Note: I have sence started formatting all my cards in the decks after transfering the contents, and the error has not shown itself again. I strongly suspect formating in the deck prevents the issue that caused the one error I did get.

In the Zoom H2 I have only tested the 4GB/C4 Kingstons with no errors, but slow boots sometimes until the cards are formatted in the H2. I know it's a known issue with the H2, but I mention it for the sake of trying to put all the information about SD cards for our decks in one place.

Another thought is, if any of the many people here that have multiple decks that use SD or Micro SD cards would be interested in participating in the testing, perhaps we could do something on the order of a vine to test said media in as many decks as possible in the shortest amount of time. Just chain the decks. If not a vine type arrangement, I'd very much appriciate cards being sent with self addressed pre-paid return shipping lables. Each person paying for shipping both ways just sounds more fair to me than each loaner paying one way, once, and me eating the cost on mailing out multiple packages when the testing is completed.

I know the R-09 is not current, but I suspect I'll be using mine very regularly for a long time to come. The Zoom's not a real popular choice as far as alot of people with more money invested are concerned, but I've seen a lot of tapers using them. Obviously it's wise to help beginning tapers as much as possible, as a few real dissapointments early on could sour someone before they really start having fun taping, and thus, one less taper rolling in the future.

It's pretty obvious to me that the Sony PCM M-10 is the current go-to deck where portable field recorders is concerned, but there a lot more 09's, HR's, Zooms et al out there than M-10's right now too.

I'm just throwing the idea out there. I think pulling the media together and vining would be cool, and I'd be ok with not having a couple cards to use for a few or several months to get it started. I might even be willing to buy one or two more pieces of cheap media to test and throw in the package. I think it's good to test the better brands, but I think we need to test PQI, A Data, Centon, Topram, and any others that may be a deal hiding under a pile of shit media out there too. I guess I'd rather test media that is NOT on the, "suggested," media lists for my recorders.

If anyone would like to test the 2GB/Class2 and a 4GB/C4 Kingstons I have in their (different) decks, I'd be happy to lend them to those with good e-bay or TS rep as soon as I run some controlled tests myself.

I'd love to hear some feedback and get some help in designing the most efficiant and thorough testing method we can collectively drum up.


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Re: SD card tests
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2010, 12:44:56 AM »
You mean something like this discussed here?
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Re: SD card tests
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2010, 08:51:38 AM »
While that is great information, um, well, no. :D I was thinking more along the lines of actual compatability testing in the decks we use the most. 09's, HR's, H2's, PCM-M10's, ect. There hasn't been much interest expressed in this as yet, but I'm patient, and have not at all given up on the idea. Thanks for the links!



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