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Author Topic: AT8533x phantom power module schematic  (Read 2756 times)

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AT8533x phantom power module schematic
« on: May 05, 2014, 06:57:05 AM »
This is my first post on here, so apologies for anything wrong.

I needed to do some repairs on an AT8533x phantom powering unit (found 5 faults eventually!). I couldn't find the schematic for it, so having traced it out I thought others on here who are into the electronics side of things might find it useful / interesting. This is my best understanding of it - of course it's possible that it may contain errors.

I was intending posting it as a reply to another post that has some schematics of adaptors / battery-box ideas, but now I can't find that one again. Maybe someone will add a link from there to here, or vice versa.

Also this was my first attempt at using TinyCAD to draw schematics - still learning.... The definition is a bit less that I expected, so hope it turns out OK on here. (Originally it was a png file, but that's not in the allowed list of file types for here - I guess there must be a good reason for that.)


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