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Author Topic: Anker battery charger headsup  (Read 5345 times)

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Anker battery charger headsup
« on: May 08, 2017, 12:36:08 PM »
Anyone looking for a battery pack for charging their phones or other devices off anker products should be aware.
They will not honor their warranty if you do not buy from one of their authorized resellers.
My girlfriend was just burnt on her 20100 powerpack.
The powerpack will not charge her Iphone for some reason, it charges android and windows devices just fine.
We tried multiple cables with no luck, so she contacted their tech support and they told her she was SOL because she bought it off ebay.
The S/N matched their records, they just won't honor their warranty.
Her mophie charger works fine on her phone.

She hasn't owned the powerpack for 6 months yet, and when she initially bought it, the device worked fine at home.
Fast forward to the first festival of the season, when she needed to use it, and it wouldn't work anymore on her phone.
Phone is up to date on software so that was ruled out.

UPDATE: Anker has now agreed to replace her charger after going back and forth with them and telling them we were going public about their asinine warranty policy.
They initially offered her a 15% discount on that model only, on their website, than it was 20% and than they agreed to replace it.
So good for Anker for doing the right thing, but I'd still use Caution buying their products, the next person might not be lucky,
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