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Author Topic: Anybody know anything about the Sanken MU-2?  (Read 973 times)

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Anybody know anything about the Sanken MU-2?
« on: December 19, 2019, 02:43:52 AM »
Info about it seems to be next to non-existent. But I love my other Sankens! (COS-11D / CS3e / CS1e)

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Re: Anybody know anything about the Sanken MU-2?
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2019, 04:51:59 AM »
You question sparked my curiosity, and I noticed the same lack of online information that you did.
I'm afraid I don't have first hand experience with the mic so this is purely speculations. I imagine it was made for the Japanese home market, possibly exclusively for NHK (the Japanese national broadcasting company).
The official Sanken company history page mentions that they made the MU-1 as a PA mic for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics in collaboration with NHK. I found only few pictures of the MU-1, but it appears to be a 600Ω dynamic mic.
From the few available pictures of the MU-2, it also seems to be a 600Ω mic, which makes me think it is an upgrade of the MU-1 with similar intended use.

On the most popular auction site in Japan, Yahoo Actions, MU-2s seem to pop up from time to time. All are severely beat-up samples. Most with NHK engravings, some with a funny looking grille/pop filter. They appear to sell at a modest price, around 5000 JPY, which is less than 50 USD.
Given the going rate, I wouldn't expect something spectacular out of the mic.
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