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Author Topic: Etymotic Etymotion Bluetooth "cable"  (Read 572 times)

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Etymotic Etymotion Bluetooth "cable"
« on: May 08, 2020, 05:35:12 PM »
i typed "cable" like that for a reason, its more like a larger dongle/breakout style.

its got an AKM DAC chip and a better preamp circuit than is usually found on bluetooth chips

i wonder how that works? does the chip output i2s or something to the AKM? even the best bluetooth codecs (this supports APT-HD) compress to some extent. although i suppose the argument could be made that the APT-X codec could be close enough to be 'transparent' lossy. Its probably not that difficult with dedicated external hardware, to be at least as good as the average phone (though the iphones actually have pretty good analog outs... well when they had analog out at least)

Ive had etymotic ER4 forever, unfortunately mine are the older bi-pin design, not the coaxial 'MMCX' connectors. Theyve been pretty accommodating in the past with repairs and upgrades, maybe ill inquire if they'l credit older ER4s on a trade-in. I know an increasing number of the IEMs on Drop, etc use the MMC-X connector, so i assume they would be 'compatible' (work at least, though the sensitivity might not be an ideal match for the "cable"
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